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The Elima-Drip Pad is a sturdy and reusable drip containment system. Built with heavy duty materials that are designed to withstand the elements and vehicle rollovers.

The Elima-Drip Pad is uniquely weighted to prevent blow away in windy weather while the replaceable sorbent pad is kept in place by a surrounding pocket and a vinyl mesh cover that keeps the pad free of debris.



Quick Look

• Dimensions                 50" x 20" • 30" x 20"

• Weight                         ~8 lbs 50" x 20" • ~4 lbs 30" x 20"




2 Sizes to choose from

50" x 20" • 30" x 20"

Elima-Drip Pad




Eliminate messy granular sorbents and outdated

metal pans by using the portable Elima-Drip Pad.