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Sand Bags / Bird's Eye Gravel Bags


Sand Bags / Bird’s Eye Gravel Bags are a low cost and versatile BMP. Each bag is sewn shut eliminating spill-out associated to bags that are simply tied off. In addition to durability, a bag sewn shut creates a consistently shaped unit resulting in a more even and precise stack.


Quick Look

• Dimensions                14"W x 26"L (empty)

• Weight                         30 lbs Sand - 30 lbs 5/16" Bird's Eye


• Packaging                   100 units per pallet




Whether used on construction sites or for emergency situations, the uses of Sand Bags / Bird’s Eye Gravel Bags vary, such as:

Along streams and channels, down slope of exposed soil areas, around stockpiles, to divert water flow, create a temporary sediment basin and across ditches and swales.


Standard fill is 30 lbs - Available fills up to 50 lbs

4 New Colors Available