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Silt Sifter® Tube


Like the Silt Sifter Bag, the patented Silt Sifter Tube is a dual-component sediment control device that is also designed for filtration and high-flow but is more flexible allowing for customized protection such as around grated drain inlets. The applications are limitless.


Quick Look

Outer Material           High density polyethylene - Poly

                                          thread (4) lock stiching

• Filtering Media          Aspen wood excelsior**

• Weight (Dry)              ~40 lbs - 3/8" pea gravel (filled)

• Dimensions                 60"L X 9"Diameter

• UV Rating                    85% - 364º flammability point

** Aspen wood excelsior acts as a filter for capturing silt, sediment and soils.

Also a cushioning agent to substantially reduce product damage under

normal conditions.

Flow Test Results

• Free Flow Water        30 gpm     • Top Soil     28 gpm         

• Sand                             29 gpm     • Clay            24 gpm                      




Patent US 6,905,289


2 Silt Sifter Tubes shown