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Curb Inlet Filter (CIF)


The Curb Inlet Filter makes protecting curb opening inlets effective and easy. At 72” in length, the Curb Inlet Filter is longer than most single curb openings providing complete inlet coverage. Built for durability, the Curb Inlet Filter is encased in a high density polyethylene fabric, secured with 4 thread poly lock stitching and an 85% U.V. rating designed to handle even the most severe climates.


Quick Look

• Outer Material           High density polyethylene - Poly

                                           thread (4) lock stitching

• Strapping                    Weather resistant 2" polypropylene


• UV Rating                    85% with 364º flammability point

• Filtering Media          Aspen wood excelsior

• Dimensions                 72" x 5" diameter (units can be

                                           joined to extend length)




To Desired



Fillable weight pouch, placed into drain box to stabilize the filter