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Snake Bag


The Snake Bag is an all purpose sediment control device. Filled with 3/8” natural pea gravel at approximately 40 - 50 lbs. and sewn shut eliminating spill-out. The Snake Bag is flexible for a variety of uses such as drain inlet protection, check dams as well as weighing down such items as visqueen, tarps and construction safety signs.

The uses are limitless.


Quick Look

• Material                       High density polyethylene

• Construction               34x20 wrap denier. All side & bottom

                                          seams are heat welded

• Dimensions                 11"W x 48"L (empty)

                                          6"D x 48"L (filled)

• Weight Filled              40 - 50 lbs 3/8" pea gravel




Also available without rock to be filled onsite.